STUDY MBBS In Bangladesh

About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the 92nd largest country in the world, and its progress in its educational sector is magnificent. Bangladesh is the land of the Bengal people, located in the line of the Indian Territories of West Bengal. Many other countries and states share their borders with Bangladesh, such as Nepal. China, Bhutan, Myanmar, and states like Assam, Meghalaya, and Tripura.

Why choose Bangladesh for MBBS studies?

Now, if you ask me why I chose Bangladesh over other countries, Then let me tell you, Bangladesh is well-a developing country, and the people of Bangladesh are well known for their creativity and innovative ideas. And it is one of the most peaceful and harmonious countries in the world, which has never been tangled up in any warfare. Therefore, students who want to come here to study and peacefully complete their degrees will find this country ideal for them.


There are top medical colleges in the country which offer premium-quality education for students. All the top medical colleges in Bangladesh are well-equipped with modern types of equipment for practicals, where you get the best knowledge from highly professional teachers. The syllabus and study materials are the same as the top-quality medical colleges in other countries. Over time, Bangladesh has become a hotspot for the medical aspirants of other countries.

The outcome after completing MBBS in Bangladesh

Now, if you ask us what the outcome is or what you can do after completing your MBBS study in Bangladesh, we will tell you now. Then let it be clear that after the completion of your MBBS, if you want to study higher, you can start preparing for PLUB, USMLE, FMGE/NEXT or other exams. And as the whole course is conducted in the English language, it is easy for students from other countries to follow. And the degree of MBBS in Bangladesh is valid in India and many other countries, so there are no issues with that.

The Benefits of Studying Medicine in Bangladesh

Today, many young aspirants want to study MBBS in Bangladesh, so let’s just check out the benefits of studying here.

  • The fee structure of Bangladesh’s top medical colleges is less than that of other developed countries.
  • There are 75% of seats reserved for foreign students, which is a good aspect.
  • Students belonging to SAARC countries get fee waivers.
  • All the top medical colleges in Bangalore are approved by the National Medical Commission (NMC) under the Act of 1956.
  • Direct admission without donation is also possible here.
  • Bangladesh will be a medical education hub in the future due to the influx of students from all over the world.
  • Unlike the other foreign medical colleges, the duration for completing your MBBS degree is only 5 years.
  • There is no less practice in the medical colleges in your internship as the patient flow is always high due to the overpopulation of Bangladesh.

The top medical colleges in Bangladesh

If you are determined to study in Bangladesh, then here is the list of top medical colleges in Bangladesh.

  • Dhaka National Medical College
  • Anwar Khan Modern Medical College.
  • Popular Medical School
  • Bangladesh Medical College.
  • MH Samorita Hospital & Medical College
  • Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Hospital
  • Enam Medical College & Hospital
  • Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College & Hospital
  • US-Bangla Medical College & Hospital
  • Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital, Bangladesh
  • Ad-Din Women’s Medical College Hospital
  • Bashundhara Ad-Din Medical College Hospital


Bangladesh has become one of the most demanding countries to study medicine for medical aspirants who have dreamed of studying MBBS from abroad. Apart from all the top-notch facilities, Bangladesh’s fee structure for medical studies is also affordable for foreign students. This is no doubt a great feature for those who have a tight budget for their studies. So, admission for 2022 is ongoing. You can check out our website for more information.