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Unlock your potential as an MBBS student with empowering study abroad opportunities. Our expert consultants guide you to explore international medical education and pave the way for a global medical career.

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It is a dream of every medical student to pursue higher studies (MBBS/PG Degree) from an eminent institute abroad. Studying MBBS by going abroad is prestigious as well as advantageous given benefits like exposure to advanced technologies and treatment protocols and the availability of vast career opportunities. With globalization and rising aspirations, students are looking for a convenient location abroad from where they can pursue their degree in medicine.

Today, studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, USA, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Barbados is no more difficult should you have the right guidance. With Edusolve Edutech, one of the leading study abroad consultants in Kolkata, aspiring medical students can study MBBS in their preferred universities abroad and give wings to their dreams of becoming a doctor with a lucrative career.

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If you have any query related to study MBBS Abroad, feel free to get in touch with us without any hesitation!

Study in abroad is like a dream to some of the students and the rest are confused about that. It is totally safe. You will get a chance to attend the lectures of various teachers from all over the world. There are separate Indian hostel available for Indian students along with Indian food.

Students educational loan and scholarship for both minority and normal students are available. By applying student educational loan you will have to pay the 1 years fees and the rest will be managed by student loan. For more info regarding this procedure please contact with us .

You should apply for your passport before applying for admission in any overseas university. Students visa will be provided by us. flight ticket for your first journey will be provided by us.

All the subjects will be taught in ENGLISH. By applying for the admission you will get a student TAB where some of the ebooks will be provided rest will be given at the time you join the college this will be repeated for each year.Please contact us for further informations.

We are affiliated with 11 overseas medical universities where the fees are from as low as 15 lakhs to 24lakh(max) for whole course duration,which can be paid by installments.

Study abroad consultants offer expertise and guidance throughout the entire process, helping you make informed decisions. They provide valuable insights on choosing the right university, program, and destination, as well as assistance with applications, visa procedures, and financial planning.

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