study mbbs in gau


    Georgian American University Established – since 2005

    In February 2005, a joint limited liability company of American and Georgian investors was formed.

    Total Space of GAU Campus – 14500

    • Building – 7500
    • Park – 7000

    Number of Academic Staffs – 141

    Number of Administration Staffs – 61

    In 2016-2017 academic years, GAU added the undergraduate Medical Doctor (MD) programme, which has a design to meet the challenges of training competitive and highly qualified Doctors of tomorrow.

    • The GAU undergraduate MD Programme integrates basic science and clinical experience with comprehensive theoretical study and independent research throughout the year of medical school.
    • GAU Medical School meets the recognized standard of excellence in education with modern facilities to explore, practice and achieve the highest standard in professional skills.
    • GAU has one of, if not the highest placement rates of its students and graduates in Georgia due in part to the exceptional professional and practical skills developed as well as the concentration of professional English. 
    • GAU is modern research-driven university. Founded in 2005, it delivers an exceptional education while making a significant contribution to society, both on the international or national level.
    • a) Number of Graduated Students – 1850
    • b) Overall graduate hiring rate – approx. 90%
    • c) Number of Active Students – 1080
    • d) Student employment – over 50%



    GAU has distinguished itself for its highest academic standards as well as an individual approach to each student. We always take the students interests into consideration and create a safe and comfortable environment for learning.

    Our students are employed by private, public and international organizations and are competitive both locally and internationally. Those willing to continue studies abroad easily manage admission to world-renowned universities – due to the excellent knowledge and skills acquired at GAU.



    One of GAU’s major advantages is the high rate of employment of its graduates. This is due to the exceptional professional skills of GAU students which provide them with competitive advantages in the labor market, become familiar with the GAU graduate’s success stories.

    GAU Career Services provides effective communication between potential employers and the students and supports students/graduates in their quest for internships and desired jobs.



    Fundamentals and professional knowledge of English are provided simultaneously giving GAU students a major advantage in the labor market and in case of further studies abroad.

    Before beginning studies at GAU, the English language proficiency should meet the minimal level required of the Georgian National Exams. Professional English language (specific professional vocabulary, phraseology etc.) is taught in each of the GAU schools simultaneously with the specialty studies.



    In accordance with the package of GAU scholarship and benefits, the student with the highest grade in each of the schools is exempt from the tuition fee, while discounts of different percentages are applied to the tuition fees of the four students with the next highest grades.

    20% discount is applied to the tuition fee for immediate family members of GAU students.

    Students admitted to GAU with the highest grades from the national exams will be exempt from tuition fees at the university.



    All students have the opportunity to apply for low rate bank loans, including a beneficial period of 4 years which allows delaying payments until the completion of studies and beginning of work. 



    GAU’s new building located in the center of Tbilisi fully adheres to modern university and safety standards. Spacious classrooms and auditoriums, modern computer labs, library and information center, café, gym, medical facility and beautiful outdoor space create a safe, secure and comfortable atmosphere for learning. The building is provided with free WiFi internet and parking.

    From 17:00 to 22:00 GAU provides free local transportation with a minibus that departs from the university every half hour.


    • Admission Facilitation.
    • Invitation
    • Visa Stamp/Extension Assistance
    • Student’s visa extension has to be done once student’s reaches to Georgia our staff in Georgia will take care of this procedure to get this work done, they extend the student visa from 90 days to 1 year.
    • 1st Year Books
    • One Study Tab
    • We are only entitling for 1st year Visa Extension after that student will do it by themselves.

    (This service is chargeable, students/consultant have to pay for this service once student arrive in Georgia)

    *Every University having its own structure and process of visa.

    Ticket – One Way

    Ministry or other related permissions

    Apostle & Attestation

    MCI Eligibility Assistance



    MCI Screening Test Coaching.

    We have MCI coaching institute in India where students get enrolled during their summer break and students are imparted coaching by experienced Indian teachers. The residential coaching campus is based in Noida by the name of KCC.

    IT Study Material

    EdusolveEdutech has been working in close association with an E-learning based IT company that provides various HD video lectures, illustrations/clinical pictures, animations (2D & 3 D) Online courses for medical students as per the MCI curriculum.

    (These Material students will get time to time during their study cycle once they enroll for MCI Coaching)